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With the ongoing popularity of the "VBA" (Village Basketball Association) events, China tours of oversea basketball stars and the upcoming quadrennial basketball World Cup, this summer is witnessing a basketball surge. War Horse, not only a beloved energy drink brand among youths but also the official sponsor of the CBA, is continuously boosting this basketball fervor.

After the conclusion of CBA in mid-May, War Horse launched a series of basketball events. War Horse Basketball Academy, an IP that has gained widespread recognition in the basketball community over the past two years, received significant attention. In the sizzling June and July, War Horse Basketball Academy's original WARHORSE Challenge Tour visited ten cities, respectively Fuzhou, Changsha, Kunming, Guiyang, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Nanning, Urumqi, and Dongguan, discovering grassroots basketball talents.

However, the highlight of War Horse Basketball Academy this year is the dual training camps created by "Courtman" and Stephon Marbury, one aimed at amateur grassroots basketball training, while the other for semi-professional players. What's even more exciting is that on August 20, both training camps will play against each other in Beijing at the "War Horse Energy Night" ,, which is going to be a feast for basketball fans.


War Horse Basketball Academy X Courtman Training Camp - Lifting Grassroots Basketball


On August 1, the War Horse Basketball Academy X Courtman Training Camp kicked off in Xi'an. Courtman, featuring a number of skillful “masters” , is known as a popular basketball organization among fans recent years. This training camp is led by head coach Sun Peng, who won the CUBS (Chinese University Basketball Super League) national championship as the captain of his team. Additionally, Wang Xiang and Huang Wenqi served as mentors, coaching the champion players standing out in the 10-city WARHORSE Challenge Tour.


Over the week, players at the camp went through various training stages, including adaptation training, group competition, tactical drills, and offense-defense consolidation. They also had the opportunity to live and interact closely with the Courtman mentors and experienced Xi'an's culture  while enjoy basketball.


War Horse Basketball Academy X Marbury Training Camp - Shaping Emerging Talents


For two consecutive years, War Horse has held a full-scale professional basketball training camp led by Stephon Marbury, aiming to provide CBA-level training experiences for outstanding CUBAL (Chinese University Basketball Association League) players across the country, helping them pursue their professional dreams. Players who have emerged from this camp include Wang Lanqin, Wu Tingjia, Ma Zhenxiang, and Xiao Tian, now have been playing in CBA. The camp's high-quality programs, coaching team, and scientifically designed training modules have earned a prestigious position in the industry.


Additionally, this year, a group of special basketball enthusiasts will be selected through the "War Horse Energy Boost Program" to join Marbury's training camp, commencing on August 15 in Beijing. By integrating abundant basketball resources, War Horse aims to enhance the skills of more young individuals, offering them more opportunities to achieve their basketball dreams.


Marbury will continue to be the head coach of the training camp, with former Beijing Royal Fighters youth team head coach Bai Han serving as the executive head coach. Most of the campers will be elite players from CUBAL with the dream and potential to play in CBA. War Horse-signed players Wang Lanqin and Zou Yang will also join the training camp, imparting advanced basketball training expertise and professional skills. Especially for Zou Yang, who made it through the CBA draft this year, the early exercise in Marbury's training camp undoubtedly will play a role in his future growth in CBA.


The training camp designed customized and scientific training contents for all players, tailored to their competitive level and physical qualities, ensuring that every camper could achieve the best training results and perform better on the court. Furthermore, the Marbury training camp will be upgraded this year, featuring a domestic basketball legend as mentor each day during the camp, sharing their basketball skills and life experiences. This time each camper will have an extraordinary experience and harvest valuable insights.


Energy Night Sets the Summer Ablaze

In this summer, War Horse will hold the first "War Horse Energy Night" on August 20 at 751 D-Park in Beijing with a burst of energy.


Reportedly, Marbury and several Courtman mentors will be present, leading their respective team to the ultimate showdown between grassroots talents and semi-professionals. The competition will unveil whether Marbury or the Courtman mentors will lead the players to a higher level. All these exciting elements will be revealed at the "War Horse Energy Night."


Vitality, challenges, ambitions — these are the reasons why young people love basketball  and also the spirit advocated by War Horse Basketball Academy. This summer, let's witness the players stepping onto a higher stage and chasing after their dreams.