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War Horse website (http://www.warhorsechina.com.cn, hereinafter referred to as this website) is a website operated by War Horse (Beijing) beverage Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as War Horse or us). War Horse pay great attention to the protection of user information. Before browsing this website or enjoying all related information, tools and services, you must carefully read and thoroughly understand the terms of this privacy right, including the exemption terms for exempting or limiting warhorse's liability and the restrictions on user's rights. Once you choose to browse this website or enjoy all related information, tools and services, you acknowledge and accept the existing contents of these terms and the contents that may be updated from time to time.

1. Collect and Sort Non Personalized Information

When you browse, read or download the information of this website, the website will automatically collect and sort your information (Internet domain name, browser and operating system type used by users, access time, access page), which will not be used to determine your identity.

2. Collection of Personal Information

If you just browse this website, we will not ask you to provide personal information. However, if you want to participate in many functions, services and activities provided by our website, we may ask you to provide personal information and keep records of the personal information you provide. The personal information is not limited to name, gender, birthday, ID card number, address, e-mail address, mobile phone, family status, hobbies and so on. Personal information is collected only with your permission (for example, you knowingly provide it to us through the online forms available on this website) and is usually collected in the following ways:

(1) user registration or other registration;

(2) lucky draw, competition or other promotion;

(3) message boards and other interactive activities;

(4)purchase war horse products through online stores;

(5) investigation and voting;

(6) online recruitment (for example, apply for the vacancy of War Horse by publishing your resume);

(7) any other request to submit personal information.

3. Information Security

This website will strictly manage and protect the data you provide. This website will use corresponding technologies to prevent your personal data from being lost, stolen or tampered with. Some sections of this website are only for registered login users. If you become a registered user, you are fully responsible for the confidentiality of your password and account information, and agree that once the user's password is lost, stolen, or leaked to an unauthorized third party, or the security of the account is threatened, you should immediately notify us and the user should not transfer or lend his account number and password to others. If the user finds that his account is illegally used by others, he should immediately notify the War Horse. We will not bear any responsibility for the illegal use of account and password by others due to hacking or user's negligence.

4. Use of User Information
We may use the user information we obtained (including personal information and non personal information) under the following circumstances;

(1) provide you with the products or services you need (such as targeted procurement and goods distribution);

(2) provide you with consulting services on your requirements, or respond to you or communicate with you;

(3) provide you with products or services that we think you may be interested in;

(4) in order to improve our service, contact you for research;

(5) conduct data analysis (such as purchase behavior or trend analysis, market or customer survey);

(6) manage or recognize your qualifications to participate in various activities, such as online or offline activities, discounts or promotional activities;

(7) operate, evaluate and improve our business (including but not limited to developing new products and services, judging our sales, marketing and advertising effects, analyzing and strengthening our products, services and websites, etc.);

(8) other legal uses.

5. Sharing Personal Information

War Horse will not sell or otherwise share your personal information except in the following circumstances and other circumstances listed in this privacy clause:
(1) partners. We may share your personal information with War Horse's affiliates or partners. Any partner who shares your personal information in accordance with this privacy clause must always provide the same level of security for your personal information as War Horse, and be bound by this privacy clause when using your personal information;

(2) The third party service providers. We may employ external companies or individuals to provide certain goods or services on our behalf, such as: processing orders, delivering goods, sending letters or emails, removing duplicate information from customer lists, analyzing data, providing marketing assistance, providing search results and links (including paid search lists and links), and providing customer services. In such cases, we may share your personal information;

(3) your written or equivalent written consent has been obtained;

(4) in order to avoid your urgent danger in life, body or property;

(5) to prevent major harm to the rights and interests of others;

(6)to promote the public interest and do no harm to your major interests. Except the above provisions and the conditions listed in this privacy clause, you will be notified when your information is likely to be disclosed to a third party, and you have the right to choose not to share this information with a third party.

6. Disclosure of Personal Data

When government agencies require this website to disclose personal data in accordance with legal procedures, this website will provide personal data according to the requirements of law enforcement units or for the purpose of public safety. In this case, the website does not assume any responsibility for any disclosure.

7. Retention Time of Personal information

We may keep your personal information sent to us through this website in our database, and War Horse will keep your personal information for a period of time that is reasonably necessary for us to answer questions or solve problems, improve or provide new services, and comply with legal requirements under applicable laws. This means that we may keep your personal information for a reasonable period after you stop using the war horse service or the website.

8. You have the following rights to your personal information

(1) inquire and request reading at any time;

(2) request supplement or correction at any time;

(3) request deletion at any time;

(4) request to stop computer processing and utilization.

9. Protection of Minors' Privacy Rights

(1) this website will establish and maintain reasonable procedures to protect the confidentiality and security of minors' personal data. This website solemnly declares that any minor under the age of 18 who participates in online activities shall obtain the verifiable consent of his parents or his legal guardian (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Guardian").

(2) the guardian shall bear the primary responsibility for protecting the privacy of minors in the network environment.

(3)without the consent of the guardian, this website will not use the personal data of the minor, nor disclose or transmit the personal data that can identify the minor to any third party.

10. Disclaimer

Except the exemption provided in Article 6 above, this website shall not bear any responsibility under the following circumstances:

(1) any disclosure of personal data caused by you telling others your user password or sharing your registered account with others;

(2) any personal data leakage, loss, theft or tampering caused by force majeure affecting the normal operation of the network, such as hacker political attack, computer virus intrusion or attack, temporary shutdown caused by government control, etc;

(3) please decide whether to download materials from this website at your own risk. You shall be responsible for the damage of computer equipment or data loss caused by downloading website materials;

(4) personal data leakage caused by other websites linked to this website and any legal disputes and consequences arising therefrom.

11. Modification and interpretation of this privacy clause

War Horse reserves the right to modify this privacy clause at any time. Any changes will be published in this privacy clause. We recommend that you review these privacy terms regularly to ensure that you are aware of any changes and how we will use your information. If users do not agree with the modification of the terms of service, they can take the initiative to stop using all the information, tools and services related to this website; If the user continues to use, it is deemed that the user has accepted the modification of the privacy terms.

12. Communications and e-mail

If you provide us with an e-mail address and / or postal address (whether in the process of registration, registration, or to enjoy specific functions, services or participate in specific activities), the contact information you provide to us will be used to send you the communication, information, War Horse products or other items you require. In addition, you may receive a communication to introduce you to the war horse brand or website. These materials, products or items may be sent to you by ordinary mail or e-mail and express delivery, depending on the website you register and the information you provide during registration.

13. Application of law and jurisdiction

Disputes arising from this privacy clause or the use of this website shall be governed by the laws of the people's Republic of China (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan). Disputes arising from the terms of privacy or the use of this website shall be settled through negotiation. If the negotiation fails, all parties - agree that they shall be settled by the court where the war horse is located.

14. Issues and recommendations

We welcome your comments and suggestions. If you have any questions, suggestions or personal opinions on the terms of war, please contact us through:

War Horse (Beijing) Beverage Co., Ltd

Address: Floor 22, Reignwood International Building, No. 8 Yongan Dong Li Jian Wai St. Beijing

Zip Code: 100022

Attention: War Horse (Beijing) Beverage Co., Ltd

E-mail: service@warhorsechina.com.cn

Tel: 400-818-5599