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Trendy market, graffiti creation, cultural exhibitions, training camps, street dance parties, original music performances, and the energy night, the 2023 War Horse Street Dance Battle National Finals marked a groundbreaking event where energy converged, creating a unique and unprecedented experience for all participants and attendees.

From October 17th to 21st, the 2023 War Horse Street Dance Battle National Finals heated up at the Pati Cultural Art Area of Guangzhou’s Haizhu District. Following the event's motto of "Leading the Trend of Street Dance and Empowering Young Dreams with Energy," the national energy drink brand, War Horse, once again created an annual extravaganza for Chinese street dance.


Starting in June and spanning across 7 cities and 9 stops, the journey of the 2023 War Horse Street Dance Battle came to a successful conclusion, from club to regional competitions and then culminating in the War Horse Energy Night national finals. Over the course of five years, the event evolved from a simple street dance competition into a multifaceted series of activities that encompass street dance culture, entertainment, and competition. This innovation has set a precedent for street dance events in China.


Upholding Cultural Confidence to Inspire More Youth: War Horse Hip-hop 50th Anniversary Culture Exhibition & Sharing Session Came to an Successful End

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Hip-hop, and War Horse sponsored street dance instructor MISS CICI to embark on a cultural exploration journey in the birthplace of Hip-hop, New York. The precious photos, posters, works of graffiti, music, and cultural ideology that she brought back from her journey were all showcased in the Hip-hop 50th Anniversary Culture Exhibition, attracting numerous street dance enthusiasts.


MISS CICI, a star instructor who participated in the entire exploratory trip, expressed her appreciation during the sharing session, saying, "This has been an unparalleled exploration and exhibition. Among many commercial brands, War Horse stands at the forefront, delving deep into the essence. This journey of exploration has opened a comprehensive gateway for us, the young generation, to authentically experience the essence of Hip-hop culture. I believe that the fusion of Hip-hop culture from the East and the West will provide abundant inspiration and enlightenment for the youth in the future."


High-profile Guest Interaction and High-energy Party: Creating Classic Moments at War Horse Workshop

The master class has always been a staple of War Horse’s street dance events. This year, a new format was introduced: the best students emerging from club master classes in various cities earned direct entry into the War Horse Workshop. The workshop was led by 12 instructors, including founders of various dance styles and top dancers from China and abroad.


Foreign OGs and Chinese veteran dancers had close interactions with students in the workshop. The high-density learning atmosphere was relaxing and everyone greatly benefited. The course taught by War Horse-sponsored athlete, Zhang Yang, progressed from easy to difficult and from basic to advanced. Instructor POPPIN J even taught students the essentials of movements despite having his arm in a cast. After sharing his experiences, Tony GoGo acknowledged the great potential of China’s young generation.


After the workshop, foreign OGs hosted an energetic after party, involving dancers and DJs from China and abroad. This event was a classic moment during the Street Dance Battle event. Buddha Stretch expressed, "Parties are crucial for street culture. Hip-hop was born at parties. I want to tell more young people that Hip-hop is more than just competitions. Young people should relax and enjoy the parties and be themselves."


Champion Teams from the War Horse Routine Online Challenge Joined the Stage to Fulfill Their Dreams

This year, the Street Dance Battle event introduced the War Horse Routine Online Challenge for the first time, receiving 43 entries from all over the country. After the selection process, THE DOGS from AYA Street Dance team captured champions and were invited to perform at the War Horse Energy Night stage during the national finals. Additionally, last year's champions and runners-up from the Guangzhou University Unity Dance competition were also invited to perform during the national finals.


Music Performed by War Horse's Star Instructors and Legendary Bands Ignites Explosive Moments along with 24 Judges

Before the national finals, an impressive opening show was put on stage, with six War Horse star instructors performing the theme song of Street Dance Battle, "Appearance of the Youth." This original song marked the instructors' first cross-border attempt, using the power of music to encourage people to bravely pursue their dreams.


The legendary band Purple Halo, renowned in China's rock music band, made a comeback on stage, performing their newly composed songs "Cape Boy" and "Behind the Splendid Colors." Lead singer Xu Ning expressed a desire to bring positive energy to music lovers through their collaboration with War Horse, aiming to introduce innovative ways of combining music and dance for more young people.


The major highlight of this year's national finals was the presence of a distinguished panel of 24 judges, featuring founders of various dance styles and the choreographer who have worked with international superstar Michael Jackson. They jointly staged an explosive judge show that lit up the entire event.


Fierce Year-End Battle: Champions Showcase the Strength of Young Dancers in Four Major Dance Styles

The national finals featured four major dance styles, uniting dancers across different generations from China and abroad. They competed with the strongest desire and the best of their abilities, creating a tense and thrilling atmosphere. In the end, Huang Geyao, Ryota Yamazaki, Chen Junyu, and Shao Nanjing won the championships in Locking, Hip-hop, Popping, and Breaking, respectively.


Huang Geyao, the young Locking champion, stated, "I came to participate in this competition in the hope that the older generation and some of the international masters could see the potential of China's new generation." He hopes to showcase the charm and style of the younger generation of Chinese dancers to a broader audience. Shao Nanjing, the Breaking champion, expressed his excitement, saying, "The atmosphere at the event was fantastic. It felt more like a party, and we weren't just competing." From winning the regional championships to the annual national championship, Shao Nanjing felt a sense of belonging on the War Horse's stage. Chen Junyu, the Popping champion, mentioned during his victory speech, "War Horse's competition has a very high reputation in China. The quality and visual effects are top-notch.” Winning this championship made him feel like his dream has come true.

With stunning lighting, stage design, a top-notch broadcast team with over 20 members, and mature event management experience, War Horse Energy Night presented an extraordinary taste. In addition to the enthusiastic on-site audience of over a thousand people, millions of viewers tuned in simultaneously through six major streaming platforms, allowing the Street Dance Battle event to reach a wider audience and achieve cross-cultural transmission.


The upgrades and innovations in this year's Street Dance Battle event have received widespread praise and recognition from dancers and participants, further instilling confidence and motivation in War Horse's mission to continue promoting street dance culture. In the future,War HorseStreet Dance Battle hopes to create even more cutting-edge experiences for consumers with its burst of energy!


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