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It is also a top-level presentation and an insurmountable event!


During the pandemic, the Beijing Winter Olympic Games is held successfully. It does not only won the attention of the world again, but also created the largest Olympic education activity in the history of the Winter Olympic Games, realizing the great goal of driving 300 million people to participate in ice and snow sports.


Ice and snow sports is a "money burning" minority sport. How to reduce the participation threshold is the key to "300 million people participating in ice and snow sports", which is not only the responsibility of government functional departments, but also the common topic of all sectors of society.


War horse, as a national energy beverage brand that mainly accompanies and helps young people grow, has carefully created a series of 2022 War Horse ice and snow season activities for the majority of consumers in this wonderful winter. Liu Jiayu, the world champion of the U-shaped pool on the veneer board, was invited to endorse the activities and called on everyone to participate together through the slogan of "Take the Horse to the Blade and Fight with Everyone".


In the 2022, during the War Horse ice and snow season, various featured activities have been created according to the needs of different groups of people so that more people can participate and enjoy the fun of ice and snow.


The War Horse and the GISS LOVES SNOW started strategic cooperation to provide the training course system jointly authorized and certified by the International Snow Federation and China Snow Association for all segments of the people. In the next few months, many skiing teaching and training, elite special training camps, single / double board events and other activities were held in major ski resorts across the country, which witnessed the first skiing and first lessons of countless "skiers", and also helped more senior skiers improve their skills.



The War Horse once again sponsored the 19th Nanshan Open to continuously create a cool stage for domestic top veneer players. The new competition system introduces the "night battle mode", lighting, fireworks and musics so that this event with the longest history in China continues to glow with new youth. Finally, the 17-year-old young general Liang Shuo won the championship and successfully joined the War Horse energy team.



War Horse has also created an Olympic themed viewing party to create a unique experience of watching the race while skiing for the majority of snow friends. In front of the high-definition screen erected in the war horse Melo Park, snow friends can rest and watch the race, participate in the Winter Olympic Knowledge Q & A and win the ice and snow welfare lottery, so that thousands of skiers on the snow track have a different skiing experience and the ultimate viewing atmosphere.


In addition, War Horse also sponsored the third Chinese college hockey league for the third consecutive year, helped and witnessed the growing youth power of Chinese campus hockey, and injected strong energy into the talent reserve for the future of Chinese hockey.


Looking back on this winter, the ice and snow frenzy brought by the Winter Olympics swept the country, and hundreds of millions of people joined this remarkable National Ice and snow feast in different ways. Many people take their equipment, go out of their home, step on the ice and snow, and enjoy the passion of ice and snow.


The Beijing Winter Olympics has come to an end, but people's enthusiasm for ice and snow has been ignited. The 2022 War Horse ice and snow season will not end because of the end of winter. War Horse will cooperate with GISS LOVES SNOW to continue to provide more wonderful activities for snow friends in major indoor ski resorts in China.