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After two days of fierce fighting on October 23 and 24, the finals of 2021 WHP War Horse Hip-hop Energy Challenge ended perfectly in Nanning, Guangxi province. The audience and dancers witnessed a "golden" Chinese hip-hop carnival.



So far, it has lasted three months and experienced four City races and finals. The third year of the WHP War Horse Hip-hop Dance Energy Challenge independently held by War Horse has also come to a successful end.


In order to provide players with the ultimate stage feelings, the stage of the finals will be placed in the stadium. This is also by far the largest stage of Chinese hip-hop dance competition. Cool lighting and top-level broadcasting team make the event show extraordinary taste. In addition to the support of the live audience, millions of people watched the live broadcast of the four platforms simultaneously, which is enough to prove that the audience of this Chinese hip-hop feast is very wide and reaches the toppest level in hip-hop competitions.



With three years’ experience, the hip-hop dance competition held by War Horse has accumulated quite mature operation experience. For the annual finals, we will continue to innovate and explore in terms of event specifications and competition system so as to make the event more fair and exciting. In this year's finals, hiphop, popping, freestyle and breaking dances are all in. The champions of the sub stations of the four Station Cities and the contestants who stood out in the audition on the 23rd will be the Top 32 of every dance category and continue to participate in the knockout until we get the Top eight.




The final duel on the 24th is held for the Top 16 breaking and the top 8 of the other three dance categories. In it, the championship of breaking group adopts the 7-to-smoke competition system, which makes the duel more explosive.



After the fight, Teng Zi, Jie Lao, Wu Tiankesi and A Zhi finally won the finals of 2021 WHP War Horse Hip-hop Energy Challenge, They are the champions of popping, hiphop, freestyle and breaking respectively. They won the golden War Horse trophy symbolizing the championship.





It is worth mentioning that Teng Zi, who won the annual championship of popping, is not only the champion of this year's Beijing station, but also the annual champion of this project in the first year of War Horse Hip-hop Dance. After two years, he was still cool and energetic when he won the championship again. "First of all, I'm happy. Secondly, I’m quite appreciated that the War Horse competitions give me such confidence."


South Korean female contestant myo Kerou Kesa came all the way to the hiphop finals. On the stage, she made no secret of her longing for the champion and shouted, "I want the champion!" Although she lost to Jay in the playoff and missed the championship, she reaped a wave of super screams at the scene.



After winning the champion of breaking, A Zhi, who was fight through the cruel wheeling battles, said, "the competition system of wheeling battle is too tight. I have played all my skills. I will fight for the champion next year if I have the opportunity!"


The stage of War Horse does not only witness the strength duel of high-level hip-hop dancers, but also the gathering of three generations of dancers from the old, middle-aged and young to learn from each other and communicate with each other. It constantly staged the stories of the immortality of veterans, the passing down of Mesozoic firewood and the rise of the new generations. Eight heavyweight guests were specially invited this time. They are all veterans of Chinese hip-hop dance. They appeared on the stage of War Horse, bringing more suspense and nervous.




After watching the guests’ performance, Eagle one, who has been one of the referees since 2019, understood their feelings very well. He said, "the persistence of our veterans is also an example for further generations, and we expect more young people to have the motivation to catch up with them." Eagle one, ICEE, heesoo, Jin Xiaogen and Feng Zheng are "predecessors" in the hip-hop dance circle. They did not only make fair choices on the stage, but also gave players more guidances and explanations, helped them deepen their understanding of actions and performances, and gave further generations better opportunities.






As the representative of "young generations", Liu Yang Junnan, a contract athlete of War Horse, stopped after encountering a strong enemy when he entered 16 in 32 breaking. But without stage frights, he was also recognized by the referee. 11-year-old Liu Yang Junnan, 16-year-old Jim, 14-year-old Xiaojie, Wei Haochen and other young players also formed a new force in the finals. They own their experience in the battles with adults. Over time, they will be the future of Chinese hip-hop dance.


The event of this year does not only witness the strength duel of high-level dancers, but also commit to excavate and cultivate more potential talents. Bu Jian, the head of the Sports Marketing Department of Reignwood FMCG group, said after the finals, “hip hop dance is already a competition item of the Paris Olympic Games. If you want to improve the level of an item, you can't do without a strong mass base. Therefore, hip hop dance needs the support and promotion of more social resources. War Horse has committed to build this sounded platform for more dancers and provide more players with opportunities to exercise."



So far, the 2021 WHP War Horse Hip Hop Energy Challenge, which has an influence of more than 10 million young people, has officially ended. In the future, War Horse will add more sub race cities to provide more convenient competition opportunities for more dancers. On the other hand, it will also cooperate with more clubs to provide longer cycles and more direct helps for entry-level dancers. In short, War Horse will inject more energy into Chinese hip-hop dance. The War Horse vitamin energy drinks contain energy components and vitamins required for sports. It is scientifically and quickly replenish energy and ignite passions. We look forward to "fighting" with more hip-hop dance lovers in the future. There's energy, put it on!