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On March 13, the mountain city, Chongqing, was in vivid spring. The 2021 Cuba All-star Game was grandly opened with the enthusiastic expectation of the fans.

On that day, Chongqing Jiangnan Sports Center was full of people and bustling. The interesting basketball Carnival let the fans who came to watch the game have a lot of funs. In the evening, more than 2600 fans arrived, and the whole basketball hall was full.




The elite team led by Wang Lanqin from Tsinghua University played against the peak team led by Li Weihao from Beijing University of Chemical Technology in this All-Star game. The two teams jointly staged a big spring play of Chinese basketball. In addition to the wonderful game, what excites all players and fans is that Cuba's top partner, War Horse, launched a new basketball promotion plan, "War Horse Basketball Player", on the spot.


The GM of Chongqingn branch of Reignwood FMCG Group, Yuan Lijun, the Director of Sports and Marketing Department of Reignwood FMCG Group, Bujian, the director of Basketball marketing department of Reignwood FMCG Group, Li Xuan,  the Vice President of Ali Sports, Huang Chunxiang, The senior media person, who is also the media partner of War Horse, Yang Yi, the team member of Huaqiao University, Zhou Qimo and the Tiktok master, Chen Tiaozhan, have participated in the release conference of “War Horse Basketball Player". The guests representing the ecological map of “War Horse Basketball Player” held the "golden Robe" high and announced the official start of the “War Horse Basketball Player” plan.


As a young energy drink brand, War Horse walks with young people all the way. This time, War Horse teamed up with Cuba to create the "War Horse Basketball Player" plan, which is to gather all young people who are not afraid of challenges and love basketball together to build a basketball territory full of challenges and funs. Here, fans can initiate and participate in various basketball challenges, participate in various basketball activities such as “War Horse Challenge”, “Campus Carnival”, “Fan Cheer Group” and “The Second Live Game”. Many basketball KOLs and talents will participate, too. At the same time, Cuba's outstanding players have the opportunity to enter the training camp of “War Horse Basketball Player” to receive higher-level basketball guidance and professional training experience, and help them participate in the CBA. Because of this, Stefan Marbury, a basketball legend, was specially invited as the head of the team and the mentor of the team training camp. Marbury, who was unable to attend the CBA match on that day also sent a sincere invitation to all basketball lovers to join the “War Horse Basketball Players” through a video.


The highest energy moment of that All-Star night was the blooding  War Horse dunk contest. Yang Hao, the guard of Zhengda Sports Institute, and Tang Haobo, the guard of Jilin University, successively took out the explosive stunt and reached the finals all the way. At the moment of competing for the championship, Yang Hao, who is only 1.79 meters tall, won the favor of the judges and the on-site audience with his amazing performance of leaping five people, and won a full score of 50 points. He was crowned the " King of War Horse Dunk". The fans and players in the audience were so exciting, and even thought it was more wonderful than the NBA dunk contest which was held a few days ago.


In the wake of the tsunami, Yang Hao, who has successively offered four high-energy dunks, returned again. After drinking War Horse energy drink to supplement energy, he wore the war horse basket cloak and swung his arm to dunk with a rotating 360 ° windmill, completing one extra buckle, which became the highest moment of the whole game that night.


In the All-Star game that night, with the wave of cooperation played by Wu Tingjia, Wang Lanqin and Zou Yang at the last moment, the elite team lost the suspense of the originally stuck game and finally defeated the peak team 95-87 to win. Zhao Baiqing, the core insider of Peking University, won the MVP of the "War Horse All-star Game" with two pairs of data of 27 points and 11 rebounds. He joined hands with "Speed King" Zhang Zihan, "Skill King" Wang Lanqin, "Three-point King" Zhou Qimo and "War Horse Dunk King" Yang Hao to be selected into Marbury training camp and become the first generation of War Horse basketball players.


It is worth mentioning that Zhou Qimo, the "Three-point King", is also the champion of “War Horse Challenge”, which is exclusively created by War Horse before the game. On the day before the race, he won the title of "Challenge King" by pressing Wu Tingjia and other good players with precision shooting and super big heart. In the challenge, he achieved the achievement of "War Horse" twice, and won the reward of 2000 RMB in cash and War Horse drink all year round. It seems that Zhou Mo's performance before the competition has given him more confidence to win the championship. The “War Horse Challenge” of “War Horse Basketball Player”  will be built into an exclusive event and landed on the campus to bring fun to more young people who like basketball challenges and they will have the opportunity to be selected into the Marbury training camp of “War Horse Basketball Player”.


In addition to providing professional and high-level training opportunities for Cuba players to enter the professional arena, “War Horse Basketball Player” also hope to build a more interesting basketball stage for the fans. Tiktok master, Chen Tiaozhan, who is the "Imitating Emperor", cheer for the players and become a beautiful scene on the audience. With the follow-up schedule of Cuba this season, fans can also participate in a series of activities of  “War Horse Basketball Player”, such as “Campus Carnival”, “Fan Expeditionary Army” and “The Second On-site Interactive Viewing”, and enjoy a different new way of playing basketball.


As an energy drink that accompanies young people to gallop forward, War Horse has been committed to achieving and stimulating the rich and colorful life of all young people since the birth of the brand. The release of “War Horse Basketball Player” plan is to bring more passion and joy to all basketball lovers. At a time when sports have increasingly become a necessary lifestyle for young people, War Horse seems to be leading the basketball trend of modern young people, and the “War Horse Basketball Player” will also strive to become a basketball symbol popular in the gathering position of young people. Just like the slogan of War Horse “There is Energy, Put It ON”! I hope more basketball lovers will join the “War Horse Basketball Player” and write their own basketball stories.

Cuba's divisional and national competitions this season are about to start. The team will continue to produce many nice, fun and challenging online and offline activities, and will continue to gather excellent CUBA Players and folk basketball experts to enter the team's Marbury training camp to help them achieve a leap, which is worth looking forward to.