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On September 16 and 17, the two-day Changsha Dawangshan Music Festival came to a successful conclusion. Tens of thousands of music enthusiasts gathered at the festival, contributing to this unique music extravaganza on the waterWar Horse energy vitamin drink, as the exclusive energy beverage available at the festival, creating additional highlights and excitement to the already captivating event.

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A New Mode of Water Fun and Music, One-Stop Experience in Changsha

About water fun, this music festival took place at Xiangjiang Joy City's Happy Water Village, featuring various water activities such as the "Golden Python Path," waterslides, and the "Sky-Soaring Waves Board." These activities added a lot of fun to the event.  Additionally, music enthusiasts brought their own water guns, swimwear, and goggles, and engaged in numerous water gun battles from start to finish.


For music, renowned bands and musicians such as Wang Heye, Xiao A Qi, Zero Band, and Nan Quan Mama took turns performing, creating a fusion of rock, pop, rap, and other music genres, providing a diverse and rich musical experience for festivalgoers.



Furthermore, the event featured the War Horse Energy Supply Station, a night market with popular food, Changsha's unique cultural and creative products, and traditional handicrafts, among more than 20 popular stalls. There were additional attractions like a romantic firework show and a  DJ performance. The event allowed music enthusiasts to taste, play, enterntainshop and stroll at the sametimehave a one-stop experience of trendy Changsha and explore the city's unique way of life.


War Horse Energy Drink Fueling Music Enthusiasts' High Spirits

One of the highlights of this music festival was the War Horse Energy Supply Station.  Activities like water gun battles, park adventures and dancing can be quite exhausting for music enthusiasts. To ensure that festivalgoers could maintain their high spirits and enjoy the music festival, War Horse prepared a continuous supply of popular products, including the War Horse energy vitamin drink, Voss sparkling water, and Voss mineral water. They also invited mixologists to create a variety of delicious, customized beverages for the festivalgoers.



The event set one main War Horse Energy Supply Station and three selling areas, covering three core zones, offering energy support for music enthusiasts to fully enjoy their time.

Additionally, War Horse set up two interactive installations: an AI photo booth and a MIAOPAI booth. These installations attracted many music enthusiasts lining up to experience , injecting more entertainment into the water music festival. Furthermore, a live painting artist was invited to create a giant War Horse energy can, which became a captivating spot at the music festival.




This music festival set two stages: the "War Horse Rhythm Stagenamed after the brand and the "Dawangshan Stage." The War Horse Rhythm Stage was particularly eye-catching.Featuring a War Horse dance created in collaboration with Keep, along with the backdrop of energizing DJ music, music fans eagerly joined the dance, creating a lively and spirited atmosphere.



Just as a young music fan named Li put it, "Enjoying music while playing in the water is already beyond my expectations. I didn't expect War Horse to bring so many surprises, especially the War Horse Dance. When I started dancing, I could feel my intense energy and I was full of vitality."

Changsha is one of the significant sales areas for War Horse. Through this music festival, War Horse engaged in real and tangible communication with the local youth.  By utilizing the music festival as a platform, the brand effectively conveyed its message of "providing energy to young people at any time, enabling them to fight for what they love," along with the product’s attributes of "healthy supplementation to boost energy," deeply ingraining them in the minds of the youth.


War Horse Energy - Dare to Play and Stay Energetic

The War Horse brand isn't limited to just music; it continuously interacts and resonates with the new generation in fields such as sports, e-sports, and cool entertainment, providing them with the energy and emotional value to pursue what they love. In the future,  War Horse will continue to ignite the passion and energy of young people, supporting them to boldly pursue their areas of interest without fear.