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The recently concluded 2022-23 CBA season witnessed the defending champion Liaoning Flying Leopards overcoming challenges to secure their third historic championship, heralding a new dynasty.


Standing Together Regardless Difficulties, War Horse Keeps Empowering  the CBA League

This season’s CBA league was full of ups and downs. The two beginning stages maintained a  tournament format, leaving the teams exhausted and struggling with injuries, which significantly affected the quality of the games. Moreover, several teams faced internal issues, putting the league to the test. Fortunately, the return of home and away games in early spring after three years, brought fans back to the stadiums, reinvigorating the league with a surge in popularity. Although the season's progress was challenging, it was successfully concluded, thanks to the support and commitment of various society sectors, fans, and the significant assistance provided by league sponsors.



As the official sponsor of CBA and the official designated energy drink, War Horse consistently empowered the CBA league, ensuring its smooth progress. Through financial support, product supply, fan services, media promotion, and the dissemination of event content, War Horse has substantially supported the high-quality development of the CBA league. It has also effectively supplemented athletes with energy through its high-quality products, contributing to their continuous improvement in athletic performances.


People-centered, enriching the basketball ecosystem

Basketball is the sport most revered and played by young people, known for its enthusiasm, vitality, and energy. As a brand loved by young people, War Horse and basketball have become a natural combination. In recent years, the War Horse brand has heavily invested in the basketball domain. It has gone from being the top partner of the highest-level campus basketball tournament, CUBA, to being the official sponsor of China's top professional league, the CBA. The rapid growth of the War Horse brand's original basketball IP, War Horse Basketball Academy, has further strengthened the synergy between War Horse and basketball.


Every summer, War Horse hosts a wide range of colorful basketball events and activities throughout the country. In early 2021, War Horse initiated and operated the Basketball Ecology Program – War Horse Basketball Academy. Led by legendary basketball star Stephon Marbury, the program brought together many professional players, amateur players, seasoned basketball media professionals, and basketball KOLs. It offered an extraordinary basketball experience to numerous basketball enthusiasts through a series of activities like basketball carnivals, the WARHORSE Challenge Tour, fans' expeditionary trips, second-screen game watching parties, and more. These events also generated a lot of attractive online content, reaching millions of basketball fans. In the summer of 2023, War Horse will once again host War Horse Basketball Academy carnivals in ten cities across China, including Fuzhou, Changsha, Guizhou, Guangzhou, Kunming, Wuhan, Nanning, Hangzhou, Urumqi, and Dongguan. Outstanding local players will have the opportunity to enter the War Horse Basketball Academy training camp held in August in Xi'an, in collaboration with the renowned Chinese basketball Label, Courtman, to train and exchange skills with  basketball professionals under Courtman.


Embodying vitality, unwavering passion, fearlessness in the face of challenges, and the pursuit of dreams, these are the values promoted by War Horse Basketball Academy. The program aims to attract more like-minded young individuals. With numerous outstanding grassroots players emerging nationwide and a focus on campus elite players aspiring to enter the professional league, War Horse Basketball Academy has created a full-scale simulated professional basketball training camp under the guidance of Coach Marbury, offering CBA-level training experiences. This has kindled the dreams of young players, including talents like Wang Lanqin, Wu Tingjia, and Ma Zhenxiang, who have successfully entered the CBA league. On the other hand, the grassroots players are proud to enter the training camp and have undergone intensive training. Such experience has elevated their skills and increased their passion for the sport. The "street vendor" Shi Xuenian, who aroused wide concern after central media coverage, hopes to take the knowledge he gained in the training camp back to his hometown and impart to more children.


War Horse supports every aspiring dreamer who loves basketball, sowing the seeds of hope for the future of Chinese basketball.  This is the path that Chinese basketball must take for its continued development. With a people-centered principle and a system for enhancing talent development, the basketball ecosystem in China will be further diversified and more invigorated.

Building Dreams and Empowering Aspirations with Energy

Recently, the "War Horse Energy Boost Program" has been officially launched! This initiative is designed for young individuals who love basketball and are pursuing their basketball dreams. War Horse will consolidate its extensive basketball resources to provide more assistance to aspiring basketball enthusiasts. From now on, you can send your personal information to X-TEAM@warhorse.com.cn, share your basketball story and dreams, and you will have the chance to receive energy support from War Horse. You will also have the opportunity to participate in the 2023 War Horse Basketball Academy Marbury Training Camp, held in Beijing in August, where you can experience professional basketball training.


"Come and join the War Horse Energy Boost Program and become a War Horse basketball apprentice!" This is the heartfelt call from "Headmaster" Stephon Marbury in his video message. Whether transitioning from campus to the professional stage like Wang Lanqin, or evolving from a street vendor to an inspirational figure like Shi Xuenian, their collective voice indicates that War Horse's energy boost program has no limits based of identity.  As long as you have an unwavering passion and a dream to chase, you will have the opportunity to receive support from War Horse.


War Horse, Your Absolute Energy Choice! In this summer of energy and passion, we look forward to witnessing more young individuals joining the War Horse Energy Program and chasing their own basketball dreams.