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Reignwood home

The annual Chinese basketball extravaganza, the 2023 CBA All-Star Weekend, kicked off at the Phoenix Gym in Xiamen Olympic Sports Center from March 24 to 26.  In the second match of the Rising Stars game, the university team defeated the sophomore with a score of 81-74. Among them, War Horse's signed athlete, Wang Lanqin, delivered an outstanding performance. In his 28 minutes on the court, he scored 9 points, grabbed 5 rebounds, dished out 8 assists, and made 2 steals, stabilizing the situation for his team for many times and playing an important role throughout the game. . Once again this All-Star event witnessed Wang Lanqin's growth.


Feel like home to be back to university team, he hopes more students will follow their dreams

This marks Wang Lanqin's fourth All-Star journey. In his previous three appearances, he participated as a university player.  However, this time, he returned to the environment he is most familiar with as a professional player. He started his career in Tsinghua University's basketball team, then he joined CBA.  The transition was seamless and he expressed, "When I used to participate in CBA events, it was like exploring the unknown world.  But now, it's more like a kind of freedom. I'm not concerned about if people will remember me but to perform at my best on the court."


Returning to the university team, Wang Lanqin felt right at home.  He is very familiar with Coach Chen Lei's coaching style and the way of his teammates play. Zou Yang, who secured the MVP of the Rising Stars game with 17 points and 10 rebounds, was not only Wang Lanqin's teammate and roommate at Tsinghua University but also his partner in this competition. They rekindled the feeling of playing together in university. Wang Lanqin expressed his hope to inspire more university players, saying that, "You must believe in yourself and stay confident. Believe that you can perform well in every game, maintain the right mindset for the game."

Starting CBA career with a calm mindset regardeless the "rookie wall"

In July of last year, Wang Lanqin left Tsinghua University and stepped on the court of CBA as the "top draft pick" .Today, after enduring a series of intense training and games, he has proven himself with continuous growth.  Reflecting on his initial CBA experience, Lanqin said, "I was calm back then. I was not nervous about the games and not thinking too much." Step by step, Wang Lanqin with the young Monkey Kings surprised the public.  To many people, Wang Lanqin was quick minded, calm and stable, not like a rookie at all.


Wang Lanqin sees this as a validation of his ability. "It made me more determined to be myself on the court."  Wang Lanqin stated. Upon playing in  CBA, he was unaware of the term "rookie wall" and didn't dwell on such matter but focus on showing his abilities. Regarding his room for growth, Wang Lanqin displayed a clear understanding, "I need to read the game better.  Though I do know how to read the game but it is far from enough. So I need to make improvements so as to better control the situation on the court."


From a student to a professional player, Wang Lanqin achieved self-growth in different environments. As he perceives it, when he was a student athlete, the coaches were meticulous and caring on and off the court.  As a professional player, however,it takes much more efforts off the court.  Self-management and discipline become crucial. "Although I entered the league as a top pick, this doesnt mean any privileges. And I don't think about it on the court but proving myself with skills. "


Today, Wang Lanqin is mentally more stable and calm than when he first entered the league.  He focuses on self-improvement, dedicating his energy to the game.  When there are ups and downs on the court, he reminds himself, "Everyone miss shots. If I miss one, just let it go and quickly adjust myself to focus on the game."


Remarkable connection with War Horse: witnessing his growth from CUBA to CBA


The connection between Wang Lanqin and War Horse is a long story.  When he was a student playing in CUBA, Wang Lanqin's exceptional performance helped Tsinghua University win two CUBA championships and earned him the title of "War Horse MVP" of the CUBA Finals. Tsinghua University was also awarded the "War Horse Most Energetic Team Award."  At that time, War Horse was a top partner of the CUBA .


In July 2022, Wang Lanqin entered the professional league for greater challenge. Meanwhile War Horse became an official sponsor of CBA and the official energy drink of the league.  Moreover, as an athlete representing energy, Wang Lanqin joined the War Horse Energy Team, becoming a signed athlete under War Horse. Wang Lanqin expressed that, "My connection with War Horse is quite remarkable. Both my team and I won War Horse awards in CUBA. Now I've rejoined the War Horse family in CBA and was awarded the 'War Horse Rising Star of the Month'  in January. War Horse is like family, being with me and we grow together.. Joining War Horse makes me even more motivated and inspired." Now as a professional player, the intensity of training and matches is higher than ever.  Wang Lanqin mentioned that he drinks War Horse after his pre-game preparations to boost his energy so as to perform better on the court.


Since he started playing basketball, Wang Lanqin have had two dreams: to play in the CBA and to play for his country.  Now the first dream has come true,  and he will continue to strive for the second — to play for China.  Whatever the future will be, he will keep working hard for  his dream with love for the game. "I hope that War Horse can help me maintain my vitality and be with me for the future journey ."

At this stage, Wang Lanqin hopes to solidify his position in the league.  After the All-Star Weekend, the fearless player will return to his team, preparing alongside his young teammates for a playoff push.