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The Shenzhou 15 manned spacecraft was successfully launched from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center. It was the last manned mission before the completion of China's space station and the last leg of the construction stage of China's space station. Such significant event aroused the attention of whole country and inspired a group of Gen Z space enthusiasts with the idea to capture the images of the space station at the four remotest corners of China.

For two years, "SpaceLens", a dedicated youth group has been recording and filming every rocket launch during the construction of China's space station. They have also been invited to co-create content for mainstream media such as Xinhua News Agency and the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League. The national brand, War Horse, has been closely watching the creative Gen Z in recent years and is committed to helping those who dare to break through and realize their dreams. With the opportunity of Shenzhou 15's successful launch, War Horse Dare Moments and SpaceLens hit it off and jointly launched the challenge of # War Horse10-Day 4-Corner Tiangong Chase#



The Four Remotest Corners Chase, a Tribute to Our Dream of Space

Covering 13,000 km in 10 days, the War Horse and SpaceLens team expected to not only go around the motherland by ourselves and pay tribute to dreams with actions, but also promote the sense of national pride by witnessing with every Chinese that in our country, regardless where you are, you may see our space station if you look up at the sky. At the same time, this year is the 25th anniversary of the foundation of the People's Liberation Army Astronaut Corps (PLAAC). With this opportunity, we salute all those who contribute to China's space cause and  expect to ignite the emotions of every Chinese who loves China’s space cause.


Conquer the Difficulties with War Horse

From the easternmost Fuyuan to the northernmost Mohe, then Kashgar, and finally Hainan, it was extremely challenging to cover 13,000 km in just 10 days. The crew had to overcome difficulties from many aspects like weather, time, distance, and filming environment. Only after careful calculation and travel with no stop could they successfully complete the challenge. This required great courage and a wealth of experience and skills.

There was only one chance to capture each monumental moment that only lasted one second and once missed, it could lead to a recalculation even delay of the whole filming plan. In Fuyuan, SpaceLens encountered the first challenge of this trip. The weather at the place was complex and changeable. The thick clouds made it impossible to capture footage of the station from the planned location. Therefore the crew had to work against the clock to search for new locations via Fengyun weather satellite cloud image, and thus to catch the crucial instant that the space station appeared from the clouds.


Although the crew were mentally prepared for the upcoming difficulties, the actual problems they encountered were still beyond expectations. Due to an orbital change, the crew had to drive 1,700 km overnight from Fuyuan to Mohe in 20 hours and wait for the right moment for filming at a temperature of -40°C. Against all odds, the crew  managed to capture the clearest transit images from the Tianshan Mountains with an altitude of 7 km. Eventually in Hainan, they seized the one last chance in 2022 and successfully shoot the image of the space station, thereby completed the challenge.




The crew expressed their thanks to War Horse for being accompanied and supportive along the way since War Horse Energy Vitamin Beverage offered them timely energy supply from the beginning to the end.


Down to Earth, Salute China's Space Sector

The achievements of Chinese Space Industry is inspiring. The full completion of the Chinese space station shows the rich accumulation and great strength of the industry development, which also marks the significant progress China has made in the new era. The four-corner challenge spanning 13,000 km was a practical salute to China's space industry by Gen Z space enthusiasts with their unique “toughness”. This symbolizes the "Dare to Play" spirit of young generation as well as the passion valued by the War Horse brand.


This four remotest corner challenge was a complete success. War Horse brand is looking forward to working with more young people who dare to think and play, exploring more possibilities and energizing them to pursue their dreams with their passion!